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Chiko and I took off at 0734, 38 degrees from Home (Moses Lake, Wa) and headed north to Canada. We took hwy 17 to Chief Joseph Dam, then hwy 174 West to hwy 97 to Osoyoos, Canada.
Had a BLT in Osoyoos then east on Cn 3 to Midway, then south across the border, on to hwy 21 to the Keller Ferry (across Lake Roosevelt). Off the ferry, to Wilbur, Wa, then hwy 174 to Grand Coulee , to 155, then back on 17 to Moses Lake. Total miles was 422.

This was one of the nicest rides I've been on. The roads had lots and lots of curves, in good condition and very little traffic. Was having too much fun to take many pics, but did get a few of Osoyoos and the climb out of the Valley.

I'm ready to do it all over.. I did cheat and take the BMW instead of the Valk, since I kinda like the mileage, not to mention the tunes and cruise control, lol. I got 56.29 MPG for the trip.. Since I got off cheap on the gas I did spring for lunch.
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