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Posted here 19 months ago on my tour through France. Didn’t like the bike one bit - but that isn’t surprising as it turns out I was riding on less than 3/4 tire pressure and a bike that apparently was pretty uncared for.
Due to one thing and another, my second long ride was not till 5 months ago - and I only managed a one way trip - the radiators started leaking and the bike got towed home. The trip out did give me a taste for the beast though and I decided to work on it myself and make it right and reliable.
Well I finished replacing 50% of the bolts I came across (corrosion), new radiators, removed a lot of rust and repainted. Did a full service with the help of a very nice video from America, replaced brake pots and a lot of wiring.
Last week I got rid of the clattering from the front disks (rotors) by replacing the bolts, shims and washers.
I am now pretty sure the bike is as close as what it should be as I can manage on my own. One job to do though is upgrade the throttle cables- that should be nice.
The clutch slips in top at about 60mph if I open it to the stop - but I so rarely in need of this type of acceleration that I cant justify the strip down and the expense - I can do that sort of job on my own.
So this weekend I headed off to the Isle of Weight for a bike rally.
WOW!! I have owned this bike for almost 2 years and never really had the benefits, this was an eye opener. With the confidence that he bike was 'right' I started to relax and get to push it a bit round the corners, take the bike over 'car' speed and filter a bit on the motorways as well.
We were dressed for the changeable weather and I felt confident in the bike even when we had downpours on the way.
The ferry to the island is a bit daunting – NO tie downs!! The bike has to cope on the side stand and if it falls the responsibility is yours! The trip out was fine and calm, coming back was a bit bumpier, but I laden the side stand side box with all the heavy items and it didn’t move, left in gear of course.
October should be cold in the UK and the Isle of Weight isn’t noted for its warmth at any time of the year, but this year we are in an abnormal warm period, the only time I was a bit hesitant was with the full Atlantic wind on a coast road, side hitting me, the bike moves a bit in side winds still. Mind you, not as bad as my ST1100.
The Isle of Wight has 2 types of roads, undulating, windy, clean roads and bumpy twisty muddy roads. Both are fun, but must be taken with caution. The Beemer handled both excellently.
On the way back we came to a duel carriageway with cars moving at about 15mph for 10 miles or so. I think the following bike was quite shocked at the way the K12 can filter – with the hazard lights on the traffic dives out of your way and leaves a gap for following bikes.
I can’t wait till my next trip – problem is – again the bike is ready, but now winter is on its way!
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