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Not quite ready to deep-six the SPIII/Nav for awhile so here's the 376C (same as 276C) using the furnished marine mount on a RAM mount on the BMR shelf. The RAM mount is the one that the tag end has a circular disk with lots of holes (6 I believe). If you look at the marine mount and remove the knurled thumb screw, you can see that the base aligns with the RAM mount perfectly, and is a quick disconnect either from the RAM mount OR using the thumb screw.

If the above is self-evident/obvious I please accept my apologies.

Any questions, PM me.

The unit, while not in the picture (was in car) fits quite nicely and while looking a bit over the top with 2 GPS's, well, reduncancy, it can work!

Power will eventually come from te maplight but am wondering how long the lithium battery works. Audio will feed into VOICE II and the puck/XM antenna will mount just to the left of the RAM/marine mount.


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