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What happened to B est M otorcycle in the W orld?

dshealey said:
In short, I would not trust a repaired unit to last as long as new, the odds are against it due to the reasons above. Not to say it won't, just a gamble, with the odds in favor of the "house".
This is about the last thing I want to hear this morning,
after being without my bike for a week, with my bag liners still packed, laying on the end of the couch, burning another day of vacation time.
The seal they were waiting on finally arrived and the dealer told me they would be putting the Buffalo back together this morning.
There's a hurricane moving through the state with lots of wind and rain and still, I can't wait to get back on the bike
When I was a Harley rider I always carried a spare wheel bearing in my saddle bags, now you're telling me I should carry a spare final drive bearing and seal on my K1200LT, that is certainly not very confidence inspiring.

Just thinking out loud now, how many spare parts do the Gold Wing riders have to carry?
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