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2016 R1200RTW Headlight Assembly Remove and Replace with new

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Have a damaged headlight assembly.
Ordered/received new replacement from KFM.
Where can i find instructions on this replacement?
I do not want to pull all the body panels looking to fix if not needed.

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re: "I need to freeze the windshield up, how is this done? "

Lol, gosh, I wish I could remember how I did that. Maybe I clamped it while it was up, or just blocked it from going down. All I can remember, is that I put it together wrong, and had to redo it. Take pictures of all of the rivet and bolt positions, and which side the bolts mount on, because what's self-evident coming off, ain't the same way going back on. 馃檮

The other problem I had, which you've evidently figured out, is that there are two types of plastic "push" retainers holding parts of the dash. One pulls out, and the ones on the front of the bike, SCREW out, like a regular metal screw. I have lots of detail, including the manual pages, if you need it. Send me a message and I'll send it to you privately, since some (BMW manual) is copyrighted.
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I had removal issues with both plastic expanding rivets.

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I suggest you buy new to avoid trying to save these. I was lucky and reused . lubed them up with grease when reinstalled.

RT back together and working fine.

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You did better than me, by leaps and bounds. It took me a week of tinkering and thinking working a couple of hours a day, when I installed the LED lights. Nothing about it was difficult, but stuff like those plastic connectors, I had to ask for advice on forums before I started removing them "ham handed" and broke stuff. Even with the OEM manual, there are things that are not "obvious". Congrats, ride safe, buy a headlight protector shield 馃檮馃槰, and most of all ... have some fun. 馃憤馃嵒
I see the bike had a headlight protector in place. Whatever caused the breakage must have been pretty stout. Care to share the story?

Oops, I re-read the post and see the light had broken a couple years ago, then you bought the protector to make it till you replaced the light ass'y.
Yep, reading comprehension is a good thing to have. I suggested he buy one of those protectors, without realizing that he already had one. 馃槚
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