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2012 R1200RT Bluetooth Configuration

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I am a newbie owner of a 2012 R1200RT with the built-in audio system (and soon to be BMW Nav IV GPS). I have been researching all the comments on Bluetooth sets with the BMW Audio System.

I want to get Bluetooth that works, but cannot drop the $2300 for 2 helmets and BMW's Bluetooth systems., but I am willing to accept reduced functionality.

What is a good system to get for the following? (Sena, Cardo ScalaRider, Chatterbox, etc)
Driver: to Passenger; to GPS; to iPhone​
Passenger: to Driver; to Built-In Audio System; to Android Phone​

(yes, I do not mind not hearing the radio when I am driving, but having the GPS would be nice for me).

Thank you.
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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