67,000 miles

60,000 service includes the following;


alternator belt

valve check

air filter change


Transmission fluid

rear drive fluid

Spline lube

bleed clutch

new rear brake pads/bleed brakes ( i have front brake pads but not installed)

Color is Granite metallic

2nd owner of the bike. Owned since 27,000 mile

Clearwater lights Krista on right for spot, Erica on left for spot. I have a yellow lens on one, clear lens on the other. i have been told by truckers that this gives better visibility. For night riding, I take the yellow cover off.

Usual heated seats, grips, cruise, etc etc standard with bike. ALL work fine

The question you will want to ask is ‘does the fuel strip work?’ YES, It has been replaced twice, and this one is working.

There are new shocks from Ted Porter shop (TFX). These replaced the OEM and are rebuildable when needed. They made a huge difference. ($1600)

Handlebar riser(Touratech)

engine bar protector front

Driver foot relocation pegs-Suburban machinery

for accessories.

Photon Blaster safety lights P3-they shimmer constantly mounted front and rear. One guy that I ride with tells me how annoying they are. I find that a compliment because I want to be seen.

Bar ends

Always in a garage, battery tender, clear title in hand

Battery tender line attached.

Odessy battery

helmet hooks from bottom of rear case with locks

Two keys

The bike needs nothing. The guy who mounts tires for me says at the next tire change he would put a new front wheel bearing.

I average between 47-50 mpg.

There is not one ding or scratch on this bike-body and panels are mint.

The original seat has had one inch of gel added (not higher since they took some out to put in gel). This was done by Astech seats in Indiana=they have two bikes for me, and can’t imagine a long distance ride without their help. I’ve done 6 Iron Butt rides with this bike.

Oil and filter changed every 5000 miles. Rear drive every 10,000. I use Mobil One

Tires have little over 5000 miles PR 4’s

Reason for sale-bought a new (and at my age the last bike)

Please ask any questions. Dave 262-893-6006 (text preferred and will respond promptly)

The GPS or mount does not come with the bike-I have become addicted to the XT Zumo and will move it to my new bike. I keep my phone and GPS in my line of sight. Those mounting balls will stay with the bike

The tank bag is Touratech Streetline bag. Hard to find, crazy expensive, and we can talk/negotiate that. It’s got the best map pocket EVER made. Huge, clear. It is held on with velcro and two clips that make fueling easy.