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2007 Center Stand Rebuild Help Needed

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I recently attempted to rebuild the centerstand on my 2007 K1200LT.

Following advice and instructions here, I ordered new o-rings and pulled it all apart. No real trouble until trying to reinstall the 'piston plunger thing' with the spring around it. Put it on the bench to test...worked...yea..then out spurted some fluid and of course it stopped working.

Attempt two. New parts again, went back together. Bench test...pump makes normal sound but no activation of the 'piston plunger thing.'

Now I'm frustrated.

I want to ship this thing off and have it repaired by a better man than I! Anyone know someone willing to work on a 2007 hydraulic Center Stand?
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You didn't say where the oil came out. Hope it wasn't the main body. Max oil fill is 135 ml, any more than that you risk cracking the main body or blowing out the 0.030 formed gasket. I would take it on but I am out of shaft seals and haven't been able to get more. But if you put in new seals I might be able to save it. I am traveling alot in August so I can't promise a quick turnaround.
Or you can drive the 50 miles to Fulshear and we will get it fixed.

Dan Martin
He is on a trip and maybe when he gets back he will hook up with you Dan. Either way he wins!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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