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Installed the Quick Disconnects... finally. o planned on installing them in July when I did the clutch replacement, but I ran out of time and had to table it for a while.

Some data points for future reference:

- I used the Jiffy-tite QDs from . Two sets of part numbers 21505 (valved socket) and 22505 (valved plug), plus four fuel injection hose clamps, are included in kit #JIF-QD1.

- The QD set came with fuel injection hose clamps (4). Although the screw was slotted for a screwdriver, a 9/32" nut driver socket turned out to be a much easier way to tighten the clamps.

- I am ordering an extra pair (one set) of QD so I can rig a snap-in fuel pressure gauge assembly for service work. Will also allow me to connect to the QD for easy fuel tank draining.

- Using the QDs from BeemerBoneyard would permit me to use the factory QDs for the uses above, but I like the functional design of the RPW QDs better.
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