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I would like to know what people think about the upgrade I did to the K1200GT I bought for my wife for mothers day 2017.

When I purchased this beautiful BMW K1200GT with 30,000 miles on it from a private party, one of the things I wanted for her was a lockable 49L trunk for her to store her helmet and purse etc.

I really liked the body style of the 2003 1200gt but also needed a bike light and low enough for my wife. Unfortunately in 2003 BMW did not offer the upper trunk box. I don't believe BMW started the 49L box until late 2005 which has a totally different body. So I set out to modify and install a box. I bought a used box from eBay and also the mount for the rear of the bike because the original bar does not support a removable box. I then completely disassembled the box and quickly sent the upper box to the paint shop to get it color matched to the orient blue metallic. While paint shop was doing their thing I started modifying the rear bracket to accept the new rear removable bracket. I mocked up a custom bracket and had the aluminum tabs welded onto the factory bracket. I then added two 12.5" lighted brake light strips complete with quick disconnect wiring.

The factory BMW 49l trunk I installed has all the original options. Lockable, and removable.

Curious what others think?



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