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I just purchased a 2000 K12RS, 29 500k's. Runs smooth but very, very heavy on fuel. Filled up yesterday, did 105 k's, filled again today and it took 13.5 liters! WTF??? Surely this cannot be normal. Also when I started it this morning, it smoked quite heavily for a minute or two and then it was normal. Topend seems to be around 210 - 220. I sold my Blackbird and already I regret it, if this is what I'm going to get from the RS. What do I look for to solve this problem? I'm desparate as I would like to do a lot of travelling but with the price of fuel in RSA this will make it a financial killer.

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Welcome to the site.

Double that mileage would still be dismal, you should expect around 17km/liter (if my conversions are correct) and you are gentle with the throttle (mileage may vary).
I have a K1200 LT (same engine basically) and get 42 mpg.
Have the computer codes checked for faults.
Perhaps injectors are faulty?
Change the air filter.
Strange since you say it runs clean, should be blowing black soot/smoke.
Hopefully some with mechanical knowledge will reply soon.

The K motor will sometimes smoke on start up if left on the sidestand.
The pistons all go left and when angled down oil can/will seep past the rings and result in smoke on start up.
Park on centerstand and no smoke.

Hope you get it resolved.
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