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wolfflow said:
I finally finished a re-do on my 2000 LT. New brake lines(Spiegler), new fuel filter and re-oil the K&N air filter. Valve check, new plugs, new front tire (BADLY cupped 'Stone after 4500 miles), and running wires for a soon to be installed CB. I also installed a new shifter linkage, and lubed the throttle cables. Lastly, I modded the wiring and installed a Ford solenoid to help the starter relay last a -while longer .(thanks JT !)
WOW !!! What a different machine I now have. It is much smoother, and pulls with excellent torque,as well as shifting like butter. No more missed upshifts into second now.
All I can say is it is amazing what a little TLC will do for these bikes. Lotta work, but well worth it.

One question. I have a Midland 820 CB ,and after reading and searching, I am still confused as to HOW to wire up the CB. I have power, but how do I intergrate into the intercom ??? I found the "Funk/CB" plug, as well as the two wire push to talk wires. Can I hook into the aux. plugs above the cassette, or do I need an adaptor cable to go into the multi-connector on the bike labeled "CB". ??????

signed, Confused and Clueless. :D............
Now just get that K&N filter out of there and replace it with a proper paper element filter and your LT will live long and prosper!
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