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'2 150RT usable tank capacity

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Manual says capacity is 6.6US GAL.

Is all of that usable, or is there a 1qt sump where water/debris can settle that is unusable.

Today I rode past 0mi left because I was very close to home, and I'll get to find out exactly what "usable capacity" is someday, but I thought I would ask for those that have been there. I cant believe that there is no un-usable volume.

For the thread: BMW calls "usable" 25l. (~6.6USG) and reserve is an additional 4l (~1USG)

I got in 5.9 US GAL. So "0" miles left hints to me I have 6L (1.5USG) remaining, and no, I dont want to bank on it, but knowing will help for when you are on "that ride" and the gas station the highway sign said was there, isnt.

Secondary question. I did this on my diesel tanks to get another 5-6gallons into them, and it helped with the long trips.
Gas Art Composite material Machine Aluminium

Has anyone (at the red dot location) vented the neck to add what may be another 2-3l of fuel?
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Common mod years back. Keep an eye on your carbon canister. Topping up the tank can lead to flooding the canister with fuel. This clogs the vent system and can lead to fuel starvation.
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