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'2 150RT usable tank capacity

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Manual says capacity is 6.6US GAL.

Is all of that usable, or is there a 1qt sump where water/debris can settle that is unusable.

Today I rode past 0mi left because I was very close to home, and I'll get to find out exactly what "usable capacity" is someday, but I thought I would ask for those that have been there. I cant believe that there is no un-usable volume.

For the thread: BMW calls "usable" 25l. (~6.6USG) and reserve is an additional 4l (~1USG)

I got in 5.9 US GAL. So "0" miles left hints to me I have 6L (1.5USG) remaining, and no, I dont want to bank on it, but knowing will help for when you are on "that ride" and the gas station the highway sign said was there, isnt.

Secondary question. I did this on my diesel tanks to get another 5-6gallons into them, and it helped with the long trips.
Gas Art Composite material Machine Aluminium

Has anyone (at the red dot location) vented the neck to add what may be another 2-3l of fuel?
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Did this mod today, was not terribly hard.

All M25 torx but one"
Screws out that hold the two side panels under the front edge of the main saddle (4).
The screw out of the lower inner edge of the phone/coin pockets (2).
The big T27 holding down the front center lip of the tank center trim strip
Pull back the side tank painted trim pieces up and out a little and they will uncouple from the center trim
Hold back the painted tank panels, find the (2) T25s that hold down the center of the center tank trim panel.
Then pull the (6) bolts holding down the tank filler assy.

Wiggle about all the pieces, then the center strip will raise up so that you can free the tank filler away from its vent hose, and flip it around & under the center trim to the left side. The electrical connection can stay connected.

1/4" drill, make hole or 2, assy in reverse order.

Note: Do not let the tank gasket get un-clocked from the position it wants to be in, it has some tabs to help locate it. You can get it clocked, and then start a few of the filler neck bolts to 'secure' it, until the final tightening.
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Y..only for long trips, not city where it can expand higher than the holes and make it to the vent hose.
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