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1999 1200LT - Cruise Control

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I actually bought this bike in 2005, with 46,700. I decided to put it on ebay for $5495 and got no offers.... A lot of views and followers, but no offers. Then, I put it back on for No Reserve starting at $5,195.

I cleaned it up pretty well, and a lot of people said it was one of the nicest he had seen. I started thinking.... what am I doing.... I am embarrassed to say the bike has 49,520 on it. I started riding the bike to work.... I couldn't do it... I ended the auction early.

I have really enjoyed riding the bike, but it is a handful for a 5'10" guy with a The 30 inch inseam... man, I wish it were an inch or two lower. In any event, I found the paperwork, and it had a full, 48,000 maintenance done. The only issue noted, is one I already discovered. An intermittent cruise control.

It was working fine. Then it didn't fire up this morning. Worked on the way home. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? It's not really a big deal. It works well enough to reduce fatigue. I noticed if I pulled in the clutch and released it, it would work.. Messed a little with the clutch dial, but figured guys that have put more than 3000 miles on their bike in 7 years might know more than me.
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Thanks for asking... I made a slight clutch adjustment... now getting two distinct clicks. Has worked three times.... In the past, it's worked about 80% of the time. Never a big enough deal to spend any serious money on.

I did order the Clymer's manual for the bike. I am getting handy working on American made vehicles. In the past 6 months on a GMC Sonoma (fine piece of american workmanship) I have done a ABC control module and a fuel pump.... Price quoted for both $2900... Do it myself price $370. You get pretty damn handy with this kind of money

Last week, I surprised even myself and was able to replace a manifold intake gasket with two bolts sheared in the block..... Did the whole think in 5 hours...

I WAS GETTING COCKY UNTIL I SAW A 1200LT CLUTCH REPLACEMENT JOB... THAT PRETTY MUTCH HUMBLED ME... IT LOOKS LIKE THE CLUTCH AND FINAL DRIVE ARE THE TWO BIG HITTERS THAT WILL EVENTUALLY GET YOU. I have no delusions of finding BMW parts that cheap, but the labor is something to consider. Especially when you are driving a 1999 LT that has under 50K on it. I was shocked I didn't get my asking price. Now I am glad. I'll be keeping her.
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