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My 07 1200 GSA has a loud tapping noise coming from the right cylinder area when the motor gets warm/hot. Quiet when cold.

I run 89 gas and bike has about 34,000 miles.

Sounds like valves, so I reset the valves. No help. Reset them tight. No help. Reset them Loose. NO HELP. Now set to spec. No help, but runs good. In fact, the motor runs really good..

Tapping is loud enough to hear at speed and is there at idle also. Using a tube, I tried to isolate the sound but can't. Some of the 1100 and 1150 had issues with the TB butterfly axle. Not sure if that is it, as the sound seems to be more from the cylinder area..?

I have not looked at the end clearance. How to check & how to reset?

This is a distinct tapping. Does not seem like chain....

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