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Anyone who thought the K 1600 GT was already the perfect touring bike is in for a surprise: BMW Motorrad presents the world's first ever 12-cylinder Dual Tourer K 3200 GT. How is this possible? With a few brilliantly designed lightweight construction parts, the BMW engineers have been able to join together two K 1600 GT models to create the ultimate luxury vehicle. The core of the new model is provided by the shear joints derived from the patented BMW Duolever which are mounted transversely to the direction of travel to connect the aluminium bridge frames of the two bikes. The directional stability is amazing - while fully maintaining both banking freedom and providing double the storage space with seats for four people!

The 12-cylinder GT provides an incredible engine output of two times 118 kW. With a vehicle weight of just over 700 kg (road ready), this promises the very highest level of dynamic performance. With a rated engine speed of 7,750 rpm, the riders have an enormous output of 236 kW (321 bhp) at their disposal, as well as a huge maximum torque of 350 Nm available from 5,250 rpm for supreme acceleration.

A construction kit is to be provided for technically skilled GT owners who wish to experience this parallel flight with a GT touring partner. In addition to the mechanical connecting elements, the kit also comprises the electronic components such as a two-stage pressure modulator to coordinate the two ABS systems (fully integral and incl. DSC), as well as a CAN bus interface (Synchro Mode) so as to synchronise the powertrain and vehicle power supply electronics of the two machines.
For all those who can't wait, here is an exclusive concept drawing as a foretaste


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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