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I purchased my newest '09 LT with 3,500 miles on her two weeks ago and learned after getting it that the bike was lowered 4 inches and I hated it.

I got the parts in from while I was away last week and took them to the dealer to install.

Front and rear factory used shocks, side and center stand. delivered for $280.

I had the dealer install them along with a brake flush, clutch flush and other annual items (I do the oil, tranny and final drive myself). All in I was at $700 in labor and parts.

I know that aftermarket warranties are a debatable subject but I got the RPM one warranty, 3 years and unlimited ZERO deductible for $1,760.

I rode her home last night from the dealer and was as happy as I ever was on my other LT.

I now feel like I have a "brand new LT" with three years of unlimited riding peace of mind and am ready to roll.

Glad to be back..
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