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So I am waking up my bike after a long Winter's nap. When turning her on my first symptom is that the gear indicator is a simple black box - no gear shown.

I cycled the alarm three times using the fob, hearing the normal solenoid sounds and seeing the lights flashing as expected.

I then cycled the shifter through all gears and back.

I then disconnected the battery for about ten minutes, reinstalling afterwards and repeating the check above. Terminals are clean and sound.

The battery was on a BMW charger throughout the Winter.

I am fairly certain that this is logic related as no changes to gearing and no related maintenance was done that would present this kind of issue.

I seem to remember in the deepest recesses on my feeble mind reading about this very problem. I am looking for the fix now, but wonder if it is familiar to some?


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Do you by any chance have rodents entering your garage?
Some chewed up wires could be the issue.
Also I am assuming you have a fully charged battery, and not just relying on having the battery on a tender...

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CohesiveTechnology said:
Belay my last. Pilot error.
Apparently it is important to connect all connectors prior to trying to start.
Very good! Next time just undo the single negative connector as it is easier to remember just one!!:p
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