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-07 K12LT users manual radio and intercom peltor

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Helping a friend whos husband passed away last summer and she likes to continue riding behind on their bike, me as a driver.

We have problem getting the radio / CD and intercom ( Peltor ) running well and would appreciate any manual tips and so on.
No problem for e to read german.

Sven-Erik Tiberg
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Got a hang on the radio, called a beemer rider with a K12LT and ...

Paired up my helmet on my friend Eva's K12LT last fall equiped with Peltor and we had sound and speack for a few hours but now it's completely dead.
Hope not my helmetset from StarCom broke the Peltor system.
Measured the Starcom helmet set (32 Ohm.speakers and 1kOhm.microfon).
Peltor (15 Ohm.speakers and 240 Ohm.microfon ) mounted for the K12LT'n
The StarCom helmset should not overload the Peltor system.
So what could have happened?
Hi, I have a 04 LT equipped with Peltor intercom. Running into problem with it I found out that there is hard to find information about these systems. After some investigations I found a Company in Gävle called Kommunikationsteknik that still sell Peltor and provides technical support. My guess is that although a small difference in resistance it might well caused a problem. I suggest that you contact them för guidance in this matter
Good Luck
Many Thanks Jan

Will call them tomorrow.
PS. snowing today so there are a lot of time for making the bikes readdy for the road.
We will ride together with the swedish BMW club D1 west to norway and follow the coastline from Mo to Narvik.egining of next mounth.
Options are to take my K11LT with fully function intercom and bike2bike comunication or the K12LT with a bit of com problems. K12LT are according to owner more comfortable riding behind.
I'm starting to get comfortable with the handling of the a bit heavier K12 and hope to be able to handle it the same way as with the K11LT that has brought me trough a lot of twisties in the alps over years.

Sven-Erik Tiberg / Luleå / Sweden
It sounds like a really nice trip you are having in front of you. Hard choice, buy if I were you, I would go with the bike providing most confidence, intercom or not. It is some distance that trip thats why I would go for confidence. (Have lived 12 years in Luleå and have travelled alot in Norrbotten)
Hi Jan
Beeing used to the K11LT and now start to get comfortable with the K12LT it's close call.

Secondly it's about comfort, IMHO the K11LT has better lowspeed handling and less wind at high speed for the rider. Though on this trip we will not ride that fast and barely no twisties as in the alppasses.
On the other hand the K12LT are more comfortable for the pilon.

Will get a set of speaker to intercom wiring from StarCom and install it into the K12, seems to be no need for the bike2bike intercom but will install the BT-unit to conect to the GPS / MP3player.

Called Kommunikationsteknik / Gävle +46 26-64 77 80 to get some tips but they usually dismount the unit and send it to peltor for repair.
Sent a mail request to, let's se what will append.

BTW: may we have seen eachother at HLu/LTU ?
Left the board of Swedish BMW Klubben 6 y ago and has been inactive in that club since then. Though more active in
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Sometimes it´s hard to choose :)

I hope the problem with the intercom will be solved.

When I lived in Luleå, I never had the opportunity to visit HLu/LTU (Teknikens Hus was of course often visited when the kids were young), nor did I had a Beemer at that time. So, the chance that we bumped into each other seem rather low.

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