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OK, purchased LT last August from the list member. Didn't notice when I bought it that rear speakers worked sporadically. Turn radio on, rear speakers USED to stay on for 30 seconds, then 10-15 seconds, then right would cut out, then left or vice versa. Now neither comes on and now right front speaker does come on then goes off and that happened just today!!. I've scanned list for similar problems-similar but not the same; I've disconnected battery to reboot - no effect. Checked FAD and BALANCE -they work but still no right front or rear speakers. I've cleaned barrel connectors under rear seat- no effect. All other functions work just fine-BASS, TREBLE, FAD, BAL. Speaker function is ON. CD (same speaker problem on CD). I have a Baehr radio/com system and have disconnected the barrels but same problem whether connected or not. Any help appreciated before expensive trip to dealer!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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