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05 1200RT fuel pump issue

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Had the fuel tank off for first time putting on my new Wilbers and noticed a little pool of gasoline in the fuel pump top……turned the key on and saw a leak----replaced the elbow thinking that was the problem(and it was one of the problems as it had a crack) but still saw leak and now see there is a hairline fracture in the female section that is actually part of the top of the assembly!!! OUCH! according to my fiche---it is sold as a 'UNIT" for only $474!!
somebody tell me this ain't so!! Please…………..
are there others who have run into such a mess…..
Ashland, VA
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Evidently this is a common problem. Here is a link from the sport touring forum with a couple of fixes mentioned.

You may also be interested in adding this clamp when repairing the leak:

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