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  1. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Recently I acquired a perfect condition Corbin two-piece seat with heat. I am trying to figure out the wiring for this thing. There is a switch on the side that has "I", and "II", and a middle setting in between. I thought there should just be a hot and ground going in, and the switch would...
  2. Electronics
    Centech AP-1 Fuse block New 54.00 $30.00 shipped lowed 48 Bill Jennings fhp 903-815-5529
  3. K1200LT
    Hey folks just wanted to share my recent experience repairing a broken wire on my LT. The wire broke extremely close to the back of a fuse block. The previous owner had used a wire tap to install some farkle sparkle and well wire taps suck it literally just cut the wire in half. To repair the...
  4. K1200LT
    I have a 2003 K1200LT that I think has the factory GPS wired. See Pic. I never have been able to get the GPS to work... and this is the 1st time I am trying to trouble shoot it. Plugging it in to the wire at the top of my Speedo CLuster ---it does not work. The GPS came with a second...
1-4 of 4 Results