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  1. 2000 windshield mounting rail HELP

    Hi all! brand new here and a new K1200lt owner. I have had my 2000 for a couple months and just getting to ride her regular. I was having a hard time getting the tank full when I would put gas in it?? Anyway a friend of mine suggested I put on the center stand to fill up. Well needless to...
  2. We have made some changes to our Windshield Mounts ~ Right up front~Easy to see

    Some exciting changes to our windshield mount. We have spent a lot of time redesigning and streamlining our mounts. Want them to be functional but not ruin the look of your bike. Can mount them right in front of you. Safe and it looks great!
  3. Upper right wind deflector

    Hi. Just bought an 05 with low miles. Previous owner replaced the windshield. The right upper wind deflector is discolored and stands out big time. Looking for an oem replacement and can't seem to find it on ebay or in parts catalogues. Trying to avoid going through dealer. My questions: What...