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  1. Parts and Accessories
    Sold my R1200RT so I’m selling my new (purchased 12/6/21) and unused SBV tool kit. Comes with 3/8” 12mm stubby Hex bit socket, 1/2” 6 point socket-34mm, 3/8” ALU Hex Axle Tool 17-22/24-19mm, 19mm open end ring scanner, MIT, 3/8” T55 torx star bit socket 50mm, Basic Adventure Motorcycle tool...
    $225 USD
  2. K1200LT
    I pulled a bonehead error today. While changing my oil, getting ready for riding season in Texas, i put my cover plate back on, snug with ratchet, put torque wrench on to tighten to 10Nm. Snap! Took off the head of the bolt. I have a new Pittsburgh torque wrench, expecting it to work...
1-2 of 2 Results