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  1. Non Dealer Service / Raleigh, NC area

    South East
    I have a 2006 R1200 RT. My Beemer will soon need tires and I am looking for an alternate to the local BMW shop. Frankly, a little under $500 for two tires seems overpriced. Does anyone know of a shop that can change the tires if I bring them, the wheels and tires, into their shop? The local...
  2. GS Tires for 2014 R1200RT?

    RT Series
    I'm looking at a trip with friends, all on GSs, to Alaska; lots of slick gravel roads. Does anyone have experience or can anyone recommend a "universal" tire or a GS tire that will fit/work on my 14 R1200RT? I've asked this same question of BMW engineers at Daytona Bike Week, and they laughed...
  3. Metzeler ME888

    Has anyone had any issues with the ME888 rubbing the swingarm? I just installed an ME888 after using ME880s with no problems. 1/4" of the tread on the right side is rubbing the swingarm of my 2001 LT. Anyone have a solution? I was thinking of doubling up on the steel spacer between the wheel...
  4. Continental Tires Voluntary Recall

    RT Series
    Today while riding around town I noticed a sound coming from the road. Thought it was the road surface, but soon decided it was the bike (tires). Got home and inspected the tires for a foreign object only to find a spot on the front tire that will deflect a bit with a simple push of my thumb as...
  5. Valve Stem size

    RT Series
    I'm posting this on the RT Thread (in addition to the "Tires" area) since it may be overlooked on the "Tires" area since it doesn't seem to be visited very often. I will be installing my first set of tires on my 2005 RT that I’ve owned for less than a year. The rear tire had a belt separation...
  6. Changing Tires

    I will be installing my first set of tires on my 2005 RT that I’ve owned for less than a year. The rear tire had a belt separation last weekend while my wife and I were going down the road at about 75. All of a sudden it felt like we where running on the warning track at the edge of road...
  7. Handlebar shake?

    In July this year, I bought a 6,000 mile 2008 Lux. It's my third KLT and replaced my 70,000 mile 2005 model, which I'd had from new. Before her, I'd done best part of 100k on a 1999-er. For all my mileage, I've ridden on Metzler Marathons. The latest bike came with them fitted. First proper...