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  1. RT Series
    I have a Shoei RF1200 with a Sena 50 S and a Shoei GT2 Air with a SRL2, sometimes I wear the RF and sometimes the GT2. How do I connect both helmets to the bike, not to be used at the same time, but so that whatever helmet I have on it syncs to the bike without having to delete the other helmet...
  2. Accessories, Gadgets, and Gear
    Sometimes reading too many reviews and discussion treads can drive you nuts trying to make a product decision. That’s my case between the Sena SRL2 in a new Shoei NeoTec II or the Cardo Slim/Bold in the NeoTec II or Schuberth C4 Pro. I am willing to pay for comfort and functionality. I want a...
  3. Intercom, CB, & 2-Way Radios
    I am looking to get the Sena SMH10R and looking for a charging option while riding. The manual says that you can use any micro USB cable into the main unit. I was looking at the accessories and found a cigarette charger, but the note on the page has me questioning the power required for...
1-3 of 3 Results