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  3. RT Series
    I've searched, but to no avail... Equipment / 2006 R1200RT - Stock seat with an Alaskan Butt Pad. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to adjust the slope/forward angle of the seat? I've heard of those who fabricated a sort of shim. I'm mechanically challenged so any competent guidance is most...
  4. K1200LT
    I have a 1999 K1200LT I have several questions. Handlebars Looking through the service manual, I see 1 (ONE) specific handlebar height. Has anyone changed the bars out and had success? Seats What can I say.. The factory seat is one of the worst I have ever sat on. I need it in the...
  5. RT Series
    I bought a 2014 RTW with a heated high seat, and my inseam would prefer a low seat. Anyone have a low and would prefer the high? For Reference: 29.9/30.7 in low seat 31.7/32.5 in standard seat 32.7/33.5 in high seat Thanks Matt
  6. K1600GT/GTL
    I have a 2012 K1600 GTL with a low seat. Anyone want to trade their standard or high seat for a low seat? I bought it used.
  7. GS Series
    Hi. I'm a female rider, very experienced but new to BMW. Currently have K1600GTL with about 15,000 miles on it. Love the bike. Would like an Adventure. Need input on various possible, reasonable configurations. I'm 5'6 with 31" inseam. Is there any way to configure a 1200GS or, better yet...
1-7 of 7 Results