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ride to eat

  1. 2019 RTE Ride To Eat Northwest TN Saturday April 6, 2019 See the Eagles

    Rides, Rallies and Get-togethers
    Hi all, My suggestion for the winter doldrums is to put this SPRING RTE on your calendar and you'll be part of the magic of wishing for better riding conditions in the new season, promise! Ride Safe everyone and see you in West Tennessee, Tiptonville on Saturday April 6th (First Saturday in...
  2. Jacksonville, FL DINNER RTE WEDNESDAY 13MAR19 6:00PM.

    Rides, Rallies and Get-togethers
    It is that time again. Last year a few of us ate at my second most favorite place to eat in the world, Beach Road Chicken Dinners! They are noted for their fried chicken and creamed peas, yum yum! Vintage local restaurant dispensing fried chicken, hearty sides & other Southern comfort food since...