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  1. Another K1200LT radio problem

    Like many other posts, my radio has stopped working. After setting over the winter and a couple of charges and battery tender sessions, I got it out and started her (2005 K1200LT) up. Everything seemed OK but when I tried the radio, nothing happened. The dash cluster says RADIO, no buttons on...
  2. Antenna issues

    I have 1999 K1200lt. The bottom of the antenna is corroded. The spring and contact is shot. Is there a short antenna or an alternative antenna that works? Please post link where to buy it. Thank you.
  3. R1200RT 2009 Radio and Intercom

    RT Series
    Hi, someone that have a good user manual og Tech manual for the Radio unit for the R1200RT 2009? I bought this bike last year, and i see that i can choose "intercom" in the Control panel...but i would like to know how i can Connect a intercom system to the radio unit, how and what do i need...
  4. VOICE Audio System not working

    First post on this forum... I recently bought a 2006 K1200LT. Initially, neither the radio or the intercom system worked. I went through the computer reset with the negative side of battery disconnected. The radio now works through external speakers only. When I plug in the helmet speakers...
  5. Left Channel of Stereo not working

    There are a lot of Radio questions here... sorry to add to it. I have a 2003 K1200LT with CD changer. I only get sound out of the right channel (front and rear). I already tried adjusting the balance and fader. Any EZ fixes or things to look for? Not looking to remove all the tupperware...
  6. K1200lt Radio Issue

    Just purchased a 2000 K1200LT. The radio worked fine for a couple of weeks. Now it only plays & has sound with the key on the R position. I loose sound when I turn the key on. I have read though the numerous radio issues but haven't ran across this on. I'm will to have it rebuilt or find a used...
  7. Speakers and Radio

    I am looking into changing out the speakers and radio in my 2003 K1200LT. Anyone with experience have specific recommendations for speakers that will fit the front and the rear? I am not looking for audiophile quality... More so durable and affordable. I am actually going to hire a BMW...
  8. radio control module

    So I bought an 02 Lt a couple weeks ago with 35k on it. Love the bike. Bought because it's my dream bike. BUT two days ago the radio stopped working. I think it's the control module on the console. Is there anything I can do or am I looking at a new $200 part.
  9. New Owner

    well my co-worker who has been riding only BMW bikes finally talked me into getting one after he got his K1600GT. After test ride was hooked on nice 2006 K1200LT being delivered tomorrow. Have been reading up and already know some upgrades I will be doing this winter (i.e., replace brake lines...
  10. 2003 K1200 LT GPS, Comm Sys, CB and Radio Advice

    I have a "New" to me K1200 LT It came with a Factory GPS, CB, 6-dik CD and Comm System. I am strongly considering getting rid of just about everything. Replace the Factory GPS, and Comm System using a Garmin with Lifetime maps and Traffic and Bluetooth Helmets. I already have the...
  11. Radio Reception Fix

    I've owned a 2002 LTC for 7 years. Have put 35k miles on it. Love the bike except I have always been disappointed by the abysmal radio reception. Learned through the threads here that the problem is not the radio but the antenna. Finally decided I was going try and fix the problem and I...
  12. 2004 K1200LT Stereo Replacement With handlebar controls intact

    Like many on this forum and almost all K1200LT owners, the outputs on my radio failed one by one. Not wanting to pay huge $$$ for a replacement that would fail anyways, and not wanting to ship my radio to someone in Germany to fix it, I decided to tackle this problem head on. I decided on a...
  13. Radio question

    After looking through the different radio replacement threads, I have a simple question....does the BMW 3 series radio work on a K1200LT? I know the wiring harness works if you are adding an aftermarket radio but does the actual car radio work on the bike?
  14. MP3 Connection

    I don't listen to CD's anymore but occasionally would like to listen to an MP3 player through the speakers of the bike (for the boring states). Has anyone hard wired into the radio for an AUX connection of some sort?
  15. Radio Blues

    Evening all.. I have a dilemma regarding my audio setup, and I am hoping that *somebody* out there may have some insight so as to assist. The short version is: The clowns that call themselves 'mechanics' at a close-by dealer had cause to pull down my 01 LT - specifically to rectify some...
  16. Kit Repair Radio Bmw Professional 2000 ( Becker )

    Hi friends, If your are interested to repair your radio , you can download the handbook here :;down=32 You have 3 possibilities: 1-Made your PCB amplifier and repair the radio following the instruccions in the handbook 2-buy the modul amplififer...