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  1. Parts and Accessories
    Just bought a new 2021 r1250rt and this case does not fit it....It have been sparing used on my 2013 r1200rt in near new damage and near perfect..... dealers want $1400 plus shipping....BUY MINE TODAY for $850 or best offer..... John Zihla [email protected] 619-980-9802...
  2. RT Series
    I would like to replace the currently installed H7 halogen bulb on my 2014 BMW R1200RT with a brighter light bulb without dismantling the bike. At the moment, I am leaning towards the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER H7 or the Philips Racing Vision RacingVision. Do you have any better suggestions? Any...
  3. Motorcycles
    I‘m the original owner with 7566 current miles. It has Polar Metallic paint, heated seats & grips, a BMW battery tender, and engine crash bars. It doesn’t have the factory radio, GPS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring. Springdale, Arkansas I’m asking $7500.
  4. RT Series
    hello everyone, So i just purchased my first RT about 2 weeks ago with plans of doing a moderate overhaul to bring it back closer to its full potential. although it has been well maintained it still has 57000 on the clock and parts dont last forever. anyway while doing my first little project...
  5. RT Series
    I'm about to order one of these for my NAV 6 and just was trying to confirm that it won't have trouble mounting on my 2013 RT with the OEM GPS mounting bar. It looks like it should have enough clearance, but I've searched and haven't found any pics of it. Most people seem to use an aftermarket...
  6. Parts and Accessories
    OEM BMW tank bag off my 2011 r1200rt with rain cover. Asking $200.00. I will also be posting the side cases and 49L top case separately.
  7. Parts and Accessories
    Selling a top case from my 2011 Tri Color BMW r1200rt in excellent condition. Asking $600.00 OBO. I have the original ignition key and plastic key; however, I am also selling the side cases in a separate post and will have to offer one of them with that sale.
  8. Parts and Accessories
    FS: Akrapovic titanium exhaust slip on off 2011 r1200rt in very good condition $300. Priority shipping from USPS is approximately $35 depending on where. Will fit other years also, check with your local dealer..
  9. RT Series
    Hi Folks. As I continue to work on getting my new used RT ready for the road this summer I was wondering if anyone wants to chime in on their favorite tank bags? Is the official larger BMW bag worth the ungodly price? What other options are there for third party tank bags that work well with...
  10. RT Series
    Hello Friends. Could anyone tell me if a stock BMW top case from a 1996 1100RT would be compatible with my 2010 R1200RT? I'm not sure how far back the mounting system on my bike goes back in the RT line. I know on many 3rd party cases the same case covers close to two decades of RTs, but wasn't...
  11. South East
    I have a 2006 R1200 RT. My Beemer will soon need tires and I am looking for an alternate to the local BMW shop. Frankly, a little under $500 for two tires seems overpriced. Does anyone know of a shop that can change the tires if I bring them, the wheels and tires, into their shop? The local...
  12. RT Series
    Hi All: I just purchased a 2017 R1200RT and I'd like to get an aftermarket top case for it. I've always been a fan of the Jesse cases for their strength and overall looks. I'd like to install the 45 liter standard top case but unfortunately Jesse doesn't make a top case mounting bracket for the...
  13. RT Series
    I bought a 2014 RTW with a heated high seat, and my inseam would prefer a low seat. Anyone have a low and would prefer the high? For Reference: 29.9/30.7 in low seat 31.7/32.5 in standard seat 32.7/33.5 in high seat Thanks Matt
  14. RT Series
    I'm looking at a trip with friends, all on GSs, to Alaska; lots of slick gravel roads. Does anyone have experience or can anyone recommend a "universal" tire or a GS tire that will fit/work on my 14 R1200RT? I've asked this same question of BMW engineers at Daytona Bike Week, and they laughed...
  15. RT Series
    I searched through the forums and was unable to find anything that could potentially help me solve my problem. If this has been discussed and I missed it could you please forward me to the topic and no need to take up space or bother anyone? My bike won't start and worried there may be several...
  16. RT Series
    Hi all, First of all sorry if i am starting something here that was discussed elsewhere already. Can i use 75w140 fully synthetic oil for both FD and transmission on my 2009 R1200RT? Also can i use any moly or is there a specific one? Thank you
  17. RT Series
    Today while riding around town I noticed a sound coming from the road. Thought it was the road surface, but soon decided it was the bike (tires). Got home and inspected the tires for a foreign object only to find a spot on the front tire that will deflect a bit with a simple push of my thumb as...
  18. RT Series
    As the title says, I'm new to this forum. Looking forward to learning and offering input as my ability allows. Riding here in Alberta Canada is limited so hoping to meet some of you as we travel through the states during our cold season riding.
  19. RT Series
    :bmw:Anyone having any success at this? (BMW bought back my Schuberth/BMW Comms system after four failures in six months.) Now I'm struggling with, do I try Sena 20S, or N-Com B4, or? I have a 9 months old 2014 R12RT with all the bells and whistles, and can't enjoy most of them. Anyone have...
  20. RT Series
    Hi All I know this has been asked before and i have searched the forum without much luck to answer my question so here we go please be kind to me :) Im new to the forum and new to the RT seen so im hoping its normal what im about to ask. First a but of history on the bike. R1200RT build...
1-20 of 32 Results