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  1. RT Series (Post 2013)
    I have a very gently used (just rolled over 8k miles) 2014 R1200RT and the shop I go to tells me the coolant pump, internal to the engine, is leaking. Found by noticing fluid drips from the weep hole on the side of the engine. My question..... is this typical for this low usage? Or was it...
  2. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Looking at picking up a used R1200RT and found one that appears to have been well kept and looks to be in great condition from the pictures. However, it has 106k miles on it, so I wanted to see what I should be looking for when I go test ride it this afternoon? This is my first BMW and first...
  3. $1 USD
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. Lets start exchanging experience about motorbikes. I'm looking to buy a used RT-P, now I'm stuck with a question ... Is the R1200 RT-P, 2014 water cooled or not... the seller is stating it's not, how can I be sure about it. And should I buy 2008 (66'000km) vs 2014 125'000km tnx
  5. Parts and Accessories
    This is a one-piece stock Low seat from a 2010 RT with low frame. There are no cuts or scratches on the seat. It is not heated. I had a local auto upholstery reduce the hump in the middle, so the cover has been taken off and put back. They felt that that is about as many times as you can do it...
    $100 USD
  6. R/RT Series (Pre 2014)
    I have the owners manual from the bike (downloaded from here) and the manual for the Garmin nav... while the Garmin manual has reference to Bluetooth, the bike manual does not; and there's nothing in there about the audio system at all. And other than what I can gather from some YouTube videos...
  7. R/RT Series (Pre 2014)
    Over the weekend, I'm going to a dealership to check out a 19k-mile 2013 R1200RT in gray with side and top cases, audio system (I think), and GPS. I've had a few oilheads, but never an RT and I've never gotten this close to a sport-tourer of this great mass and sophistication. They're big, but...
  8. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Hi! Glad to be here! Just got a 2014 R1200RT! I am a bit upset with idle issues and no way (short of reprogramming computer) to fix it. I stalled bike at first stop light "take off" from red after taking delivery. Thought it was because I haven't ridden in years, was a bit rusty and...
  9. For Sale 2018 BMW R1200RT

    2018 BMW R 1200 RT Sport-Touring Model "Glossy Alpine White" This bike is in "like new" pristine condition, 900 miles on it, it has never been laid down and I am the original owner, with a ton of extra equipment so you can ride in any condition! It has been stored in a garage and never driven in...
    $20,995 USD
  10. Parts and Accessories
    OEM windshield removed from my '12 RT Good shape.... no issues Skip Barber placard included (no charge) Buyer covers shipping
    $75 USD
  11. Parts and Accessories
    OEM windshield removed from my '12 GT - Good shape.... no issues Buyer covers shipping based on location
    $80 USD
  12. RT Series (Post 2013)
    NEXAS Nexlink Bluetooth 5.0 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Car and Motorcycles Diagnostic Scan Tool Check Engine Light Scanner for iOS Android, Manufacture sated that it will reset the service interval on BMW R1200 series ( and More ) bikes. It has good reviews on Amazon. Only $41.00 ( Coupon...
  13. RT Series (Post 2013)
    I just noticed a loud clicking sound coming from the front of the engine when spinning the rear wheel in neutral, on center stand or rolling under weight, engine off and powered down. I haven't heard this before today. Any idea what's going on? Apologies if there is already a thread on this...
  14. Parts and Accessories
    Just bought a new 2021 r1250rt and this case does not fit it....It have been sparing used on my 2013 r1200rt in near new damage and near perfect..... dealers want $1400 plus shipping....BUY MINE TODAY for $850 or best offer..... John Zihla [email protected] 619-980-9802...
  15. RT Series (Post 2013)
    I would like to replace the currently installed H7 halogen bulb on my 2014 BMW R1200RT with a brighter light bulb without dismantling the bike. At the moment, I am leaning towards the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER H7 or the Philips Racing Vision RacingVision. Do you have any better suggestions? Any...
  16. Motorcycles
    I‘m the original owner with 7566 current miles. It has Polar Metallic paint, heated seats & grips, a BMW battery tender, and engine crash bars. It doesn’t have the factory radio, GPS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring. Springdale, Arkansas I’m asking $7500.
  17. RT Series (Post 2013)
    hello everyone, So i just purchased my first RT about 2 weeks ago with plans of doing a moderate overhaul to bring it back closer to its full potential. although it has been well maintained it still has 57000 on the clock and parts dont last forever. anyway while doing my first little project...
  18. RT Series (Post 2013)
    I'm about to order one of these for my NAV 6 and just was trying to confirm that it won't have trouble mounting on my 2013 RT with the OEM GPS mounting bar. It looks like it should have enough clearance, but I've searched and haven't found any pics of it. Most people seem to use an aftermarket...
  19. Parts and Accessories
    OEM BMW tank bag off my 2011 r1200rt with rain cover. Asking $200.00. I will also be posting the side cases and 49L top case separately.
  20. Parts and Accessories
    Selling a top case from my 2011 Tri Color BMW r1200rt in excellent condition. Asking $600.00 OBO. I have the original ignition key and plastic key; however, I am also selling the side cases in a separate post and will have to offer one of them with that sale.
1-20 of 45 Results