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  1. K1200LT
    Years ago a new acquaintance and I were training for state police MSF Courses. With an instantaneous comradery developing, we decided to do what all strangers do: we swapped motorcycles for 6 weeks. He took my F800 GS and I took his BMW K1200LT. Despite its "tiller" like steering, weight, and...
  2. RT Series (Post 2013)
    OK, so I went cheap (in my mind, disposable) with the cylinder head guards and bought a Chinese knock-off off eBay because I thought they looked just like the BMW plastic guards. Well, they came and seem to be worth putting on my baby. The new screws all line up and go in perfectly obvious...
  3. K1200LT
    Hi. Just bought an 05 with low miles. Previous owner replaced the windshield. The right upper wind deflector is discolored and stands out big time. Looking for an oem replacement and can't seem to find it on ebay or in parts catalogues. Trying to avoid going through dealer. My questions: What...
1-3 of 3 Results