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  1. K1200LT
    I'm looking to upgrade my OEM Motorrad I gps with a Navigator IV including the 4 button cradle on my 2002 LTE. I have searched the forums and online but haven't hit on a good installation solution. Can the first gen Motorrad mount be reused? Do I need to look to installing a shelf? Is there a...
  2. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Long time reader of this forum, for over a year. This is my first post. So hello to to all the wonderful people here :wave. I love this forum and love reading the threads and they gave me a wealth of information on RT and prepared me well for my ....drum toy :) 2013 RT Well..last...
  3. K1200LT
    I recently purchased a NAV IV at a great price hoping i will be able to get it fully integrated into my Late 05 LTE. I'm trying to clear up whether or not anyone has successfully fully integrated a NAV IV onto an 05/06/07/08 LT? My understanding is the 09/10 came with the same wiring harness for...
1-3 of 4 Results