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  1. Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    Other Stuff
    Hi All It's the Holiday Season once again, and perhaps the most enjoyable part of it is buying motorcycle farkles for yourself or for the riders in your life. Tune in to see my picks for 2019's best inexpensive gifts! -MKL
  2. Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III vs. Michelin PR4GT - Longevity Test

    Hi All In its latest ad campaign, Dunlop claims its Sportmax Roadsmart III tires last substantially longer than Michelin's Pilot Road 4GT. I ran them both on my commuting cycle to verify - tune in to find out the results! -MKL
  3. Lee Parks Deersports PCi 3 Year Durability Report

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    All- Here's a quick look at how the Lee Parks Deersports PCi gloves are holding up after three years of commuting duty! -MKL
  4. Shoei GT-Air II FF Helmet Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    All- I've been using the GT-Air II since the spring. Here's how it performed in my commuting regimen: -MKL
  5. inView Wireless Brake & Turn Signal Light System Review

    Hi All Tune in for my 2-season test of Third Eye Design's new inView Wireless Brake and Turn Signal Light System, which mounts to the rear of your helmet to provide added conspicuity. -MKL
  6. MotoPowerPuck Wireless Charger Review

    Accessories, Gadgets, and Gear
    Hi All The MotoPowerPuck offers a convenient way to wirelessly charge your device while on the fly - tune in for a 3 season update to see how it held up! -MKL
  7. Scorpion EXO SG3 MKII Gloves Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    Hi All- Scorpion's EXO SG3 MKII Gloves promise track-level protection for under $140.00. Tune in to see how they performed over a 4,000 mile commuting test! -MKL
  8. Brosh Kevlar Riding Suit Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    All Looking for a lightweight, super-breathable riding suit that won't break the bank? Tune in to see how Brosh's new Kevlar-infused Optimal Jacket and Motorcycle Cargo Riding Pants held up over my 4,000 mile summer commuting road test! -MKL
  9. Illium Works Versatile Highway Pegs Review

    RT Series
    Hi All- Looking for a comfy place to rest your feet on long rides? Tune in to see how Illium Works' Versatile Highway Pegs held up over my 9,500 mile long term review! -MKL
  10. Touratech Destino Boots Review

    RT Series
    All- Touratech's Destino boots are really two pairs of footwear in one: a tough leather outer shell for ADV riding and a soft, waterproof inner-shoe to wear off the bike as well. Tune in to find out how they performed! -MKL
  11. Helite Leather Airbag Jacket Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    Hello All- Helite's Leather Airbag Jacket combines a mechanical airbag apparatus with traditional cafe styling. Tune in to see how it held up over my winter commute! -MKL
  12. Warm & Safe Heat Layer Shirt Review

    RT Series
    Winter gear testing continues: Here's my new review of Warm & Safe's Heat Layer Shirt. Can this snug-fitting garment replace the traditional heated jacket liner? Tune in to find out! -MKL
  13. Warm & Safe Rider Classic Style Heated Gloves Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    Hello All Season 3 of Moto Mouth starts today! Sub-freezing temps here on the east coast have provided the ideal conditions to test Warm & Safe's new suite of heated gear, starting with these Rider Classic Style heated gloves. I'll be following up with the Heat Layer Shirt heated top in a few...
  14. Moshe's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    Accessories, Gadgets, and Gear
    Hello All- Looking for some inexpensive, yet vital presents for the riders in your life? I've reviewed some items that will enhance functionality, increase safety, and cure those winter blues - without breaking the bank! -MKL
  15. BMW DownTown Jacket Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    All For those who favor an understated motif in their colder weather riding gear, check out my new review of BMW's DownTown jacket. -MKL
  16. It's Not An RT, But.....

    RT Series
    I thought some of you guys would get a kick out of it anyway. Motorcycle Consumer News received the very first C-Evolution for press review in the entire country, and I just wrapped up my 3 week review period with it. What's it like to ride electric? What about range? How long does it take to...
  17. Lee Parks DeerSports PCi Gloves Review

    Rider's Gear & Luggage
    All- As the weather turns cooler, it's time to put the mesh away and don something warmer. I've been testing these Lee Parks DeerSports PCi gloves for 2 fall seasons now. Tune in to see the verdict! -MKL
  18. The Effects Of UV Rays On Motorcycle Gear and Our Health

    RT Series
    All- I'm going to get a bit more scientific than usual in this new video, as we delve into the subject of Ultraviolet Radiation's effect on our riding gear and on our health. It's a subject that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should! Tune in for objective Ultraviolet Protection...
  19. LD Comfort Synthetic Base Layer Undergarments Review

    RT Series
    All- Are you sweating your a$$ off on scorching summer rides? Tune in to find out if LD Comfort's Base Layer Undergarments beat the heat, or if plain old cotton underwear is just fine as is. -MKL
  20. Hudson Valley Motor Parts Bar End Weights Review

    RT Series
    Today's Moto Mouth focuses on Hudson Valley Motor Parts' heavy Bar End Weights. If you've got buzz in your bars, this episode is for you! -MKL