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    In excellent shape, low miles, anything it has ever needed has been added or replaced. I have gone through all the Threads in regards to expected known issues and all have been updated or addressed. New tires, Brake Lines, Fuel connectors, ECU Chip upgrade, Fork seals, Rear shock upgraded, Tire...
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    BMW will never again get my business. My K1200LT was nothing short of a deathtrap! I bought a 2005 K1200LT on January 8 2020. It only had 21,010 miles on it! 2 days after the purchase I rode from San Diego, California to Phoenix, Arizona... the speakers didn’t work! They are all blown...
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    I have this floorboards for sale if anyone is interested.
  5. July 5, 2020

    July 5, 2020

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  6. K1200LT
    Hey folks just wanted to share my recent experience repairing a broken wire on my LT. The wire broke extremely close to the back of a fuse block. The previous owner had used a wire tap to install some farkle sparkle and well wire taps suck it literally just cut the wire in half. To repair the...
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    Where is the fuel pump relay located? I see plenty of pictures of it online but I can't tell exactly what all it is under. I removed the left side panel and only see gas tank. So am I looking in the right area and just need to remove the tank now/under that? The long story of this is: was...
  8. K1200LT
    Still a newbie, Anyone knows how to check the final drive on a 1999 K1200LT. The videos I seen is only about changing them out. Please advise me. Thank you in advance.
  9. K1200LT
    I am currently looking for a vertically folding armrest for my 2009 K1200LT, kind of like the ZTechnik ones. These appear not to be manufactured any more, most of the posts ended in 2013. Are there other options out there? I have seen the YouTube video of the modified Gold Wing armrests,and...
  10. K1200LT
    I ride a 06 K1200LT. It only has 10000 miles on it and I recently developed water leak that now seems like I has changed to oil. It only leaks after I return from a ride. My thoughts are this is related to the water/oil pump. Wondering if any one has experienced this before.
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    2006 BMW K1200LT, super comfortable ride! mileage 44530, clean title, kept in the garage, recently changed tires, battery, and all fluids. I owned the bike for 4 years and changed all fluids annually. I used only high quality German liqui-Moly fully synth engine oil, gear oil, and Bosch filters...
  12. K1200LT
    Has anyone added a USB connector to the audio system to allow playing MP3 files on a USB drive? I'd be more than willing to give up my 6 CD changer and replace it with a way to allow USB music streaming.
  13. K1200LT
    CASE of BEER to the rider who HELPs solve this challenge we need RIGHT-side chrome plastic trim parts for 2005 BMW K1200LT- the 3*horizontal*plastic chrome strips*pieces*(one with BMW logo - and NOTE: we DO NOT NEED the logo insert just the*plastic*piece*under it) - plus the honeycomb black...
  14. K1200LT
    CASE of BEER to the rider who HELPs solve this challenge :wink: - anyone have a link to a 2005/2006 electrical schematic for my LT .. the 15 amp alarm/rear brake light - horn is blown .. so I have a "hard short" in one of these areas ? .. anyone have this issue - know where to start or...
  15. K1200LT
    Last August, with 52,500 miles on the bike, I embarked on a 7 state adventure and returned home at 56,922 miles. Why do I tell you this? Because it's awesome and because that's where the clutch slipping started, on the last 350 miles. Since then, I've put another 900 miles on the bike just...
  16. K1200LT
    Good Morning, I recently purchased a 2002 K1200. The bike looked to be in good condition, 8400 miles, new tires and never laid down. The seller informed me it had been sitting a "few" months and needed a new battery. After replacing the battery the bike would turn over but never start. I tried...
  17. K1200LT
    Hi, Just got my 2003 K1200LT and so far so good. It has some issues which I will be relying heavily on this forum to help with (thank you all in advance ... :) ), BUT The bike has some features (buttons) that I don't understand their function and could use a User Manual for. Unfortunately it...
  18. K1200LT
    Hello, my name is Nick, and a few days ago I traded a non-running FXR, for a 2001 BMW 1200LT. GREAT TRADE! You all sound very nice, and encouraging with every post I have read, trying to come to at least a novice understanding of the maintenance, and mechanical requirements of owning a BMW...
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    I have a 2004 K1200LT I bought used 2.5 years ago and am the third owner and likely the first to take care of it. Upon purchase I (with the help of my bike savvy neighbor and the BMW K1200LT Manual) I spent the winter going thru the bike changing fluids and checking things out. Learned a lot...
  20. Topless


    '08 K1200LT w/o top box