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  1. The Mother of all Horns

    RT Series
    BMW e39 525 530 Horn low tone - 420 Hz I finally found the receipt with my BMW CAR HORN. It installs plug-n-play right into the same connectors as the OEM horn on my 2016 R1200RT. sorry if I am being redundant, I know I mentioned this horn in horny-thread that just went by...though I could not...
  2. FUSE KEEPS BLOWN-Electrical ground issue on HORN.. 2- NEED TRIM PARTS.. 3- LT 4 SALE

    CASE of BEER to the rider who HELPs solve this challenge :wink: - anyone have a link to a 2005/2006 electrical schematic for my LT .. the 15 amp alarm/rear brake light - horn is blown .. so I have a "hard short" in one of these areas ? .. anyone have this issue - know where to start or...