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  1. GPS
    FYI - Starting to plan my 2023 trips with Base Camp and saw the new version of City Navigator (2024.10) is available for download. Ride safe, Larry
  2. R/RT Series (Pre 2014)
    As I browse this forum, I’m aware I’ve been posting a lot of new threads, but… I’m a new owner, and I’m excited. Hopefully you guys will cut me some slack. I’m finding very little use for the GPS in the few days I’ve owned this bike. I have a RAM mount for my phone on the way (this bike...
  3. GPS
    Like many others, I replaced my NAV VI in April after 8 months of ownership due to the display "ghosting" problem. Garmin shipped me a new "refresh" unit and I returned my malfunctioning set to them. The new box has been working fine ever since. However, when I attempted to install the new Full...
  4. RT Series (Post 2013)
    I'm about to order one of these for my NAV 6 and just was trying to confirm that it won't have trouble mounting on my 2013 RT with the OEM GPS mounting bar. It looks like it should have enough clearance, but I've searched and haven't found any pics of it. Most people seem to use an aftermarket...
  5. GPS
    Well, it finally happened; my Nav II died...or is dying. Living in Alaska, I honestly didn't use it much. If I start off going south, I come home north and vice versa. Not too complicated. What are my best options for replacement units? I will be moving to Ohio next year and will be using...
1-5 of 5 Results