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fuel pump

  1. Fuel pump relay location

    Where is the fuel pump relay located? I see plenty of pictures of it online but I can't tell exactly what all it is under. I removed the left side panel and only see gas tank. So am I looking in the right area and just need to remove the tank now/under that? The long story of this is: was...
  2. Bringing a LT back to life?

    Hello all you old timers, after 235K a bad back I’ve gone back to a RT, BUT my son-in law has acquired a ’03 LT and he needs some help. The bike has sat with out fuel for a sometime. The fuel pump is toast, so he has gotten a pump, before he puts it all back together he want to clean the tank...
  3. Sudden Death

    So I'm riding along on my new (to me) 2007 LT and suddenly and without a sound motor dies. Starter turns, electronics seem OKbut won't crank. Starter just spins. Had to leave it on the roadside last night. About to call a tow truck but wanted to post here first... is this fuel pump maybe? It was...