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  1. PARTS SALE --- 2002 LTE being parted out

    Parting out my beloved K bike to get some funds to go into the next BMW to live with me. I am offering everything at a "fair" price based on condition. I cover the cost of shipping materials, buyer pays for actual shipping costs. NOTE: I am not a commercial enterprise with special discounts on...
  2. Engine BLEW UP! - K1300GT 2009

    K1200/1300GT (The Next Generation)
    Hey guys - I'm new to this forum and I regret to say that I'm here because my 2009 K1300GT engine just blew up. It only had 35k miles on it and I'm scratching my head. No service lights were on. My local dealer is telling me that the cylinder 4 connecting rod blew through the engine somehow...