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  1. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Yep... I used a torque wrench. Yep... Crush washer, too. Yep... I apparently used the torque wrench wrong. Now I have the fill plug (bolt) stuck in the bike. Been reading that if its the drain plug, you can't mess around. Got to get it welded by a specialist. Seeing that it's the fill plug ...
  2. K1200LT
    Still a newbie, Anyone knows how to check the final drive on a 1999 K1200LT. The videos I seen is only about changing them out. Please advise me. Thank you in advance.
  3. K1200LT
    Hi, my name is Ron and I own and operate in Murrieta Ca. I know how hard it is to find a good mechanic to repair these older bikes. My wife Sandra and myself not only ride K1200's we service, repair and upgrade them. Please check out the new website. Look forward to riding and...
1-3 of 3 Results