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  1. K1200/1300GT (The Next Generation)
    Hey, gang, a bad river break-up this year caused severe flooding to half of my small city's downtown. My condo apartment's parkade was half submerged covering my bike for 4 or so days until the ice-jam cleared and the water subsided and they pumped out the parkade.... Here she is in 2010 while...
  2. K1200LT
    CASE of BEER to the rider who HELPs solve this challenge :wink: - anyone have a link to a 2005/2006 electrical schematic for my LT .. the 15 amp alarm/rear brake light - horn is blown .. so I have a "hard short" in one of these areas ? .. anyone have this issue - know where to start or...
  3. Fusebox

    Blue Sea fusebox on Misty
1-3 of 3 Results