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  1. K1200LT
    Hello everybody I have a -99 k1200lt with a strange issue regarding the clutch . Milage is 115000km= 72000Miles From time to time when i am cruising the clutch lever engages very close to the handlebar, if I let go of the lever and try again it allways engages normally again and keeps working...
  2. K1200LT
    All: I'm preparing to change the clutch on my 2003 LTE @ 90K, and after reading/reviewing so many posts about the LT's biggest job, that seems to be the weakest point of our favorite ride, the clutch or other aspects of it's operation: The seal of the input shaft to the trans, the rear main...
  3. K1200LT
    Trying to find a rebuild kit for the clutch master cylinder I run into, "DUE TO THE RECENT LAWSUIT BROUGHT BY BMW AGAINST MAGURA, ONCE OUR CURRENT STOCK OF MAGURA PRODUCTS IS GONE WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SELL ANY BMW SPECIFIC MAGURA PRODUCTS. " (Is this another reason to bash lawyers)...
  4. K1200LT
    Last August, with 52,500 miles on the bike, I embarked on a 7 state adventure and returned home at 56,922 miles. Why do I tell you this? Because it's awesome and because that's where the clutch slipping started, on the last 350 miles. Since then, I've put another 900 miles on the bike just...
  5. RT Series
    Hi newbie to this forum and only had the 1150RT about 6 months. Noticed that occasionally the clutch lever seems to need a bit of pumping to get the hydraulics to actuate the clutch, but no big deal. Today, adjusted the knurled ratchet on the lever and then the hydraulics got all spongy and...
  6. K1200LT
    Since the admins decided to move my LT question to the chit chat forum where it will never be seen, I am posting it again under a different title. If anyone knows if any of the slaves made by Oberon for other K bikes will also work on the LT, please let me know. I was looking for one at BBY...
  7. K1200LT
    Well, the clutch has started slipping. Don't think I can do my repair myself. Anybody know of a good mechanic in the U.P. of Michigan? This is my First BMW. I have had many different bikes in the past, and have always done the work myself. But after reading all the threads about clutch...
  8. clutch housing cover wear pattern

    clutch housing cover wear pattern

  9. drilling


    clutch slave drain hole
  10. drilled


    clutch slave drain hole