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  1. What is so cool about These Swivel Mounts?

    Other Stuff
    It is getting more and more popular to take pictures while riding and there are different camps about where and how are the best ways to mount your camera so that you get the perfect shot. Helmet cam's have too much movement, makes you dizzy... Older mounts only shoot one angle....boring. We...
  2. GPS: To use one or not to use one ????

    Love all the discussions this topic brings up. To use a GPS or not to? Lots of arguments for both. Been riding my whole life and feel like having a GPS gives me more freedom. I am not one that enjoys wandering around lost.. too much stress, plus.....maps??? Still can't read one!! :frown: So...
  3. The Secret to Enjoying Cold Weather Rides

    Other K-Bikes Discussion
    My personal minimum for cold weather riding is 45 degrees. Being a Minnesota girl I have to do what I can to extend my riding season for as long as possible. Few tips on how to enjoy the chilly weather and extend your riding season. The Secret to Enjoying Cold Weather Rides - Leader Motorcycle...
  4. New URBAN Universal GPS Motorcycle Mount w/Extension

    Accessories, Gadgets, and Gear
    New Year, new products... We are really excited about these! Been looking for something a bit more Urban and sleek? These mounts come with an extension for better visibility and ultra-swivel. Diamond Garmin Nuvi Mount w/Extension - Universal Controls (Black) - Leader Motorcycle Store Have any...
  5. I have to have my coffee in the AM!

    Other Stuff
    If you are like me you have to have your coffee in the morning....and again in the afternoon. :) We upgraded the Roadrunner drink holder with an Ultra-Swivel feature. Kind of excited about it! So many of you all asked for this! This means you can adjust the ring to get your drink to sit...
  6. GPS or Phone? Either way waterproofing is an issue

    Bike Talk
    The conversation get brought up a lot. To use or not to use - GPS or Phone for navigation. Either way this this the time of year when you have to be concerned about water and electricity. Urban Hydra Waterproof GPS & Phone Mount - Universal...
  7. Last-Minute Shopping?? Coupon code

    Bike Talk
    Take 15% off any item(s) over $99! (excludes custom and clearance items) Code: LASTCALL Expires December 26, 2015 Mounts for your gadgets. Wind and rain protectors. All kinds of cool bike stuff! Motorcycle GPS and Phone Mounts | Motorcycle Accessories and Gadgets
  8. Anyone buying a Camera this year?

    There are so many cameras’ out there. Really hard to choose. We have done some comparisons and gotten a lot of feedback over the years. Put together some details and specifics on some of the most popular ones and thought I would share them. GoPro gets lots of attention, but there are some other...
  9. Looking for gift ideas ~ Holiday Struggle

    Chit Chat
    It is that time of year and I struggle with coming up with gift ideas for the bikers in my family. I put a list together that I thought I would share with you all. 'Tis the Season: Biker Gift Ideas Would love to hear your ideas or love to hear what your favorite gift has been! :wave
  10. Don't muck up your BMW with clunky Mounts!

    Officially unveiled! Mount your phone, GPS, camera, etc with the URBAN Mount! Featuring a slimmed-down, streamlined look. Mounting locations include round bars (handlebars), brake/clutch reservoir, mirror stem – even the steering/fork stem on sport bikes! They can be used on...