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  1. Weird ABS Problem

    My 2003 K1200lt has this problem where It passes the self checks and low speed test fine but about 5-10 minutes after running the brake fail light starts 4x flashing and the warning light is steady on. The ABS continues to work for a few minutes and then stops working and brakes are manual. I...
  2. 2002 K1200LTC ABS Failure

    My ABS failed 2 years ago. I tried to have it rebuilt, but with no success. Could have saved myself months of time, effort, (and a lot of money), in teardowns/rebuilds if someone would have told me that simply removing the ABS unit, and rigid brake lines, and replacing the system with one...
  3. After Speigler upgrade I have no front brake.

    Tickets popped a front brake line last weekend so I bought her a whole set of new Speiglers. I installed them on Saturday, but I have air in the system that I can't seem to fix. Here are the symptoms: 1. No power to the ABS - rear brake works fine and stops 1/2 way through travel against the...
  4. air in brake lines?

    Today I put a refurbished ABS pump back in place of a 2002 LT of a friend of mine. I bleeded the brake circuits as followed (and according the cycle: pull the brake, valve open, valve closed, loosen the brake) 1. from the front brake to the pump on hand pressure 2. from the rear brake to the...
  5. Advice on overhauling brake calipers

    Hi guys, Has anyone experience with overhauling calipers? The ones that are stamped as BMW. When servicing the calipers I noticed that the pistons where stuck. After cleaining them, they moved one time en got stuck again. Now I'm thinking of overhauling them. BMW has a repair kit available. I...