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  1. First time BMW K owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I've recently bought a 2007 BMW K1200GT and I'm looking to learn as much as possible about the bike. I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in the NW Chicago suburbs for 5 years until recently that I moved to Davidson,NC. I'm also trying to find a BMW group to go for...
  2. BMW Crash Bars

    I found a company on Alibaba that has custom front and rear crash bars for numerous models. They're exact copies of the Wunderlich ones, but far less expensive. I paid only $300 including shipping. PM me if you'd like the name of the company.
  3. Selling 2006 K1200LT

    2006 BMW K1200LT, super comfortable ride! mileage 44530, clean title, kept in the garage, recently changed tires, battery, and all fluids. I owned the bike for 4 years and changed all fluids annually. I used only high quality German liqui-Moly fully synth engine oil, gear oil, and Bosch filters...
  4. Cutting for Sign

    Ride Tales
    I'm a professional writer. And a rider. 1200 LT. This is an essay on a recent trip to the remote Big Bend region of Texas: Cutting for Sign | Texas to the World
  5. 1200 RT rentals

    Can anyone help me please. I'm wanting to find someplace close to Sacto to rent a late model 1200 RT. I see there are several places in the Bay Area but I live in the foothills and don't want to drive 2-3 hours to rent a bike Many Thanks Coulter
  6. RT1200


    My first BMW!