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  1. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Hi all. I Just purchased the Nav VI and was wondering what is the best order you’ve found to connect up all the Bluetooths for best operation. I’ve got the Cardo Freecom 4+, the Nav VI and a 2019 RT. I’ve heard of connecting this one to that one and that one to this one but have not found a...
  2. RT Series (Post 2013)
    New to the forum and looking for some help with helmet and bluetooth issues. I installed the Sena 20s in my helmet and the sound from XM is just horrible. It sounds like badly overdriven speakers. Sena acknowledges the problem and states that the output from the RT bluetooth is too strong. They...
  3. RT Series (Post 2013)
    Guys maybe someone could provide me with a little bit of help. I have the 2014 rtw and I am trying to link the BMW Blue tooth to the comunication system. Everytime I link the second Com system of Helmet 2 I loose the ability to listen in Helmet 1. I followed the instructions where I like the...
1-3 of 3 Results