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  1. RT Series
    The Sirius satellite radio on my 2015 1200RT worked fine since I got it in September, 2015 until a couple of weeks ago. The satellite radio completely disappeared from all of the menus. There should be a whole section in Settings for Sirius, but it's not there anymore. And when I press SRC...
  2. K1200LT
    Hi all. Don't often post, but any sage advice I could get would be mighty appreciated. I've got a '99 K1200LT Custom. I pipe an MP3 player through a cassette adapter, and it used to work great. But the volume is simply too low anymore. I used to kid and tell people "I know when I'm going too...
  3. RT Series
    Guys maybe someone could provide me with a little bit of help. I have the 2014 rtw and I am trying to link the BMW Blue tooth to the comunication system. Everytime I link the second Com system of Helmet 2 I loose the ability to listen in Helmet 1. I followed the instructions where I like the...
1-3 of 3 Results