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Becker Harmann
Professional 2000 ECE
The most common problem encountered with the BMW K1200LT radio, is the Integrated Circuit Amplifiers failure that causes one or more speaker to stop functioning, or fading.

The symptoms are:
1- No sound
2- Some sound
3- Loss of some or all speakers
4- Weird noise that is screechy and high pitched

This could happen permanently, or after few seconds.
The number of speakers that goes off is random.

This is fully fixable, and the method consists of taking the original amplifiers off the radio motherboard, and installing my custom 4x35W - 4x40w maxi amplifier module.
Note that the original power is 15-20W, after the repair, you will get 35W-40W. The speakers will handle this without problem.
I stopped selling the kit after going through too many mistakes caused by DIY enthusiastic customers!
I'm weekly fixing a radio since 2012, and I'm pretty comfortable doing a good and fast repair.

Here is the cost of my services: (The currency is USD)

- $185 (Repair) + $20 (Shipping to USA)
- $185 (Repair) + $45 (Shipping to International)

The amplifier is tested ok before it's installed into the radio, each wire is tested after soldering.
The CD player stays in the radio

I also offer (Under condition!)

- New 2018 Bluetooth design (This new module isn't connected to the AUX, Therefore the sound is now clear and powerful). Note a switch has been added on the front of the radio (See picture #11) Cost is $55
- Aux Jack 3.5mm cables for cellphone, Ipod, MP3 device (Note that sound coming from AUX isn't powerful) Cost is $10

The turnaround time is about 2 days.

Feel free to contact me if you have another question.

For the payment, I prefer Paypal, I can send you a Paypal money request if preferred.
The currency is USD only.


PS: Note that the radio repair at Becker Autosound will cost you $400
Check this out!
[email protected]
2020 Becker Harmann Professional 2000 ECE


11- HIFI 12v Bluetooth module, I offer 2 different ways to install the Bluetooth:

1st gen: Using the AUX that allows you to control the Bluetooth volume with the handlebar, BUT, because of the very weak radio AUX input, the sound through the speakers is also very weak too.

2nd gen: This Bluetooth is more elaborated, and avoids the AUX, the sound is great, BUT, it can't be controlled with the handlebar, the volume is adjusted with the Phone or Mp3 player, or a not offered external control device.
4- Connecting the 4 input wires
5- Preparing installation
6- Installation module inside the radio
1- Removing the old amplifiers
2- Cleaning and checking for short
3- Soldering my custom amplifier
7- Repair finished ready for testing
8- Jack input cable, make sure that the AUX-B (Circled in red) is unused
9- Cable kit for Mp3 (Could be slightly different)
10- Also if preferred, a female jack can be installed on the front panel
11- The 1st generation Bluetooth has an external cable plugged into the back radio AUX input.

The 2nd generation Bluetooth doesn't have a cable, but requires a micro switch on the front of the radio, it allows you to select the Radio/CD or Bluetooth mode.
Wheel and Tire
Connectors for Tape or CD player radio type



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