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BMW with some Hondas

Me and 18 Hondas went on a bike ride yesterday, we ended up in Niagara but the video I took is at the starting point in Waterloo County.

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Re: BMW with some Hondas

Nice video Gerhard! I don't get much opportunity to ride in your part of the country but probably will now. Could you post your route and info on your camera.
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Re: BMW with some Hondas

Ridge Rd on top of the escarpment out of Hamilton is a nice road to take. Great scenery on top of the escarpment. Catch it at the top of the escarpment off Upper Centennial Parkway. Or you could get the best ice cream around at Stoney Creek Dairy then catch New Mountain road up the escarpment to Ridge Rd. (

At the end of Ridge Rd turn left and go north to the QEW (sorry, no easy way to get past St. Catherines) get on (don't go over the skyway) Niagara Stone Rd into Niagara on the Lake great ride lots of wineries with free sampling.


Follow my South America ride at
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Re: BMW with some Hondas

Thanks for the comments. I don't know if we stuck exactly to this route but this was the plan when we set out as posted below. We stuck pretty close to schedule till we had lunch. Two fellows from St. Thomas and I (live in Huron County) broke off from the group at Cayuga. It was a fairly geographic diverse group, one rider from Bracebridge, Brampton, Newmarket, Hamilton, Sarnia, St. Thomas and a number from the KW area. The thing the group had in common was the Honda ST, I just traded mine a few weeks ago for the RT. The camera I use is a Contour HD, I don't think that model is sold anymore but they are marketing a replacement in the $200 range. I think the GoPro cameras provide as good or better video but I like the Contour form factor and mounting system better.


Time Km Instruction For Toward
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart Harvest Moon Restaurant on Parkside Dr (East) 0.2 km
9:00 AM 0.2 Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto RR-17 [Conestogo Rd] 0.2 km
9:01 AM 0.4 At roundabout, take the SECOND exit onto RR-17 [Sawmill Rd] 3.0 km
9:03 AM 3.4 Turn LEFT (North) onto RR-22 [Northfield Dr E] 0.8 km
9:05 AM 4.2 At near Conestogo, stay on RR-22 [Northfield Dr E] (North) 4.8 km
9:08 AM 9.0 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Hill St 0.5 km
9:09 AM 9.4 At near West Montrose, stay on Hill St (East) 1.1 km
9:10 AM 10.6 Turn LEFT to stay on Hill St 0.8 km
9:10 AM 11.3 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Covered Bridge Dr 0.1 km
9:11 AM 11.4 At Kissing Bridge, stay on Covered Bridge Dr (South-East) 80 m
9:11 AM 11.5 Bear LEFT (East) onto Rivers Edge Dr 1.0 km
9:13 AM 12.6 At near West Montrose1, stay on Rivers Edge Dr (East) 0.2 km
9:13 AM 12.7 Turn LEFT (North) onto RR-23 [Katherine St N], then immediately turn RIGHT (East) onto RR-86 2.2 km
9:15 AM 14.9 At near West Montrose2, stay on RR-86 (East) 1.3 km
9:16 AM 16.1 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Halm Rd 1.4 km
9:18 AM 17.5 At near West Montrose3, turn LEFT (East) onto Maryhill Rd 2.2 km
9:19 AM 19.7 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-25 [Maryhill Rd] 3.7 km
9:23 AM 23.5 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-25 [Church St] 0.5 km
9:24 AM 24.0 At Maryhill Inn B & B, stay on RR-25 [Church St] (South-East) 80 m
9:24 AM 24.1 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-25 [Guelph Rd] 0.5 km
9:24 AM 24.6 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-25 [Maryhill Rd] 1.0 km
9:25 AM 25.6 Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Woolwich-Guelph Townline [Woolwich-Guelph Trail N] 4.2 km
9:29 AM 29.8 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Chilligo Rd 7.2 km
9:37 AM 37.0 At near Breslau, stay on Chilligo Rd (South) 0.9 km
9:38 AM 37.9 Road name changes to Fisher Mills Rd 0.2 km
9:39 AM 38.1 Turn LEFT (South) onto RR-32 [Beaverdale Rd], then immediately turn LEFT (East) onto Fisher Mills Rd 0.9 km
9:41 AM 39.0 Turn LEFT (North) onto Hwy-24 [RR-24] 1.8 km
9:43 AM 40.8 Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto Guelph Ave N 0.1 km
9:44 AM 40.9 Turn LEFT (East) onto Blackbridge Rd 1.7 km
9:46 AM 42.6 At near Breslau1, turn RIGHT (South) onto Townline Rd 1.5 km
9:47 AM 44.1 Keep STRAIGHT onto CR-34 [RR-33] 1.1 km
9:49 AM 45.2 Turn LEFT (East) onto Ellis Rd 1.0 km
9:51 AM 46.2 At near Cambridge, stay on Ellis Rd (East) 1.2 km
9:53 AM 47.3 Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-32 [Wellington Road 32] 0.6 km
9:54 AM 47.9 At near Cambridge1, stay on CR-32 [Wellington Road 32] (South) 30 m
9:54 AM 48.0 Turn LEFT (East) onto Concession 2 4.2 km
9:57 AM 52.1 Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-35 [Wellington Road 35] 4.0 km
10:01 AM 56.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Gore Rd 0.5 km
10:02 AM 56.6 Turn LEFT (South) onto Hwy-52 [Cooper Rd] 3.1 km
10:05 AM 59.7 Turn LEFT (East) onto Hwy-52 [Hwy-97] 2.3 km
10:07 AM 62.0 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Hwy-52 [RR-552] 8.3 km
10:13 AM 70.3 Turn LEFT (East) onto Hwy-52 [Hwy-8] 6.3 km
10:18 AM 76.6 Keep STRAIGHT onto Hwy-8 [RR-8] 3.2 km
10:21 AM 79.9 Bear RIGHT (South) onto Middletown Rd 2.3 km
10:23 AM 82.2 Road name changes to Binkley Rd 0.2 km
10:24 AM 82.3 At near Copetown, stay on Binkley Rd (South) 1.1 km
10:25 AM 83.5 Turn LEFT (East) onto Mineral Springs Rd 2.3 km
10:29 AM 85.7 Keep STRAIGHT onto Sulphur Springs Rd 1.3 km
10:31 AM 87.0 At near Ancaster, stay on Sulphur Springs Rd (South) 0.1 km
10:31 AM 87.2 Keep STRAIGHT onto Lover's Ln 0.9 km
10:33 AM 88.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto RR-243 [Jerseyville Rd E], then immediately turn LEFT (South) onto RR-216 [Fiddler's Green Rd] 6.1 km
10:40 AM 94.2 At Butter Rd. E., turn LEFT (East) onto Butter Rd E 1.3 km
10:41 AM 95.5 Bear RIGHT (East) onto Airport Rd 0.9 km
10:42 AM 96.4 Road name changes to RR-637 [Airport Rd W] 1.9 km
10:45 AM 98.3 Arrive Canadian Warplane Museum
10:55 AM 98.3 Depart Canadian Warplane Museum on RR-637 [Airport Rd W] (East) 1.2 km Hwy-6 / Hamilton
10:57 AM 99.5 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Upper James St 1.4 km
10:58 AM 100.8 At White Church Rd1, turn LEFT (East) onto RR-65 [White Church Rd E] 6.6 km
11:04 AM 107.4 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-65 [Binbrook Rd W] 3.3 km
11:08 AM 110.7 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-65 [Binbrook Rd E] 6.3 km
11:14 AM 117.0 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-65 [Silver St] 7.5 km
11:19 AM 124.5 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-6 [RR-65] 10 m
11:20 AM 124.6 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-65 [Silver St] 3.8 km
11:23 AM 128.4 At Smithville Rd1, stay on RR-65 [Silver St] (East) 2.4 km
11:25 AM 130.8 Bear RIGHT (South) onto RR-65 [Caistor Gainsboro Townline Rd] 0.1 km
11:25 AM 130.9 Bear LEFT (South) onto RR-65 [Silver St] 6.8 km
11:30 AM 137.8 At Rr-271, turn LEFT (North) onto Hwy-20 [RR-20] 4.9 km
11:34 AM 142.7 Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto RR-69 [Twenty Mile Rd] 1.3 km
11:36 AM 143.9 At Twenty Mile Rd1, stay on RR-69 [Twenty Mile Rd] (East) 9.5 km
11:43 AM 153.4 Turn LEFT (North) onto RR-24 [RR-69] 0.2 km
11:44 AM 153.6 Turn RIGHT (East) onto RR-69 [20 Rd] 4.2 km
11:48 AM 157.8 At Pelham Rd1, stay on RR-69 [Pelham Rd] (East) 1.8 km
11:50 AM 159.6 Turn LEFT (North) onto 9th St 3.3 km
11:54 AM 162.9 At King St, turn RIGHT (East) onto RR-81 [King St] 0.9 km
11:55 AM 163.9 Turn LEFT (North) onto RR-34 [7th Street Louth] 5.0 km
11:59 AM 168.9 At Lakeshore Rd W, turn RIGHT (East) onto RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd W] 1.8 km
12:01 PM 170.7 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-87 [Main St] 2.2 km
12:03 PM 173.0 At Lock St and Main St, stay on RR-87 [Lock St] (South-East) 0.1 km
12:03 PM 173.1 Bear RIGHT (South) onto RR-87 [Lakeport Rd] 0.9 km
12:04 PM 174.0 Turn LEFT (North) onto RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd] 1.8 km
12:07 PM 175.8 At Lakeshore Rd and Geneva St, stay on RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd] (North-East) 2.4 km
12:10 PM 178.2 At Lakeshore Rd 11, stay on RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd] (East) 5.0 km
12:15 PM 183.3 Bear LEFT (North) onto RR-87 [Townline Rd] 0.6 km
12:15 PM 183.9 Bear RIGHT (North) onto RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd] 3.5 km
12:19 PM 187.4 At Lakeshore Rd 21, stay on RR-87 [Lakeshore Rd] (East) 2.9 km
12:22 PM 190.3 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-87 [Mary St] 1.2 km
12:23 PM 191.5 Turn LEFT (North-East) onto RR-87 [King St] 0.8 km
12:24 PM 192.3 Arrive Niagara On The Lake1
12:54 PM 192.3 Depart Niagara On The Lake1 on RR-87 [Picton St] (South-East) 1.7 km
12:56 PM 194.0 Road name changes to Niagara Pkwy 11.5 km
1:07 PM 205.4 At Floral Clock1, stay on Niagara Pkwy (South) 4.7 km
1:13 PM 210.2 Keep STRAIGHT onto Niagara Pkwy [River Rd] 1.6 km
1:14 PM 211.8 Road name changes to River Rd 0.8 km
1:16 PM 212.6 At Whirlpool Brg1, stay on River Rd (South) 2.3 km
1:19 PM 214.8 At The Falls1, stay on River Rd (South-West) 0.4 km
1:20 PM 215.2 Road name changes to Niagara Pkwy 4.5 km
1:27 PM 219.8 Road name changes to Macklem St [Niagara Rd] 0.3 km
1:28 PM 220.1 Turn LEFT (East) onto RR-49 [Portage Rd] 90 m
1:29 PM 220.2 At Portage Rd1, stay on RR-49 [Portage Rd] (South-East) 50 m
1:29 PM 220.2 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-49 [Cummington Sq W] 70 m
1:29 PM 220.3 Turn LEFT (North-East) onto Main St 0.5 km
1:30 PM 220.8 Road name changes to Niagara Pkwy 90 m
1:31 PM 220.9 At Niagara Pky 11, stay on Niagara Pkwy (East) 6.5 km
1:38 PM 227.4 At Niagara Pky 21, stay on Niagara Pkwy (South) 4.1 km
1:42 PM 231.5 Turn RIGHT (West) onto RR-25 [Netherby Rd] 1.2 km
1:43 PM 232.6 At Netherby Rd, stay on RR-25 [Netherby Rd] (South) 3.0 km
1:46 PM 235.6 Turn LEFT (South) onto RR-116 [Stevensville Rd] 6.8 km
1:53 PM 242.4 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-116 [Gorham Rd] 60 m
1:53 PM 242.4 At Hwy 31, return North on RR-116 [Gorham Rd] 60 m
1:53 PM 242.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto Hwy-3 [Garrison Rd] 26.1 km
2:16 PM 268.6 Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s) 0.2 km
2:16 PM 268.8 Bear RIGHT (North) onto Hwy-3 3.4 km
2:19 PM 272.1 At Wainfleet1, stay on Hwy-3 [Sugar Loaf St] (West) 2.9 km
2:22 PM 275.0 Turn LEFT (West) onto Hwy-3 [Forks Rd] 21.3 km
2:40 PM 296.4 Arrive Dunnville1
2:55 PM 296.4 Depart Dunnville1 on Hwy-3 [Broad St W] (West) 0.8 km
2:56 PM 297.2 Turn LEFT (South-West) onto Hwy-3 [George St] 0.2 km
2:57 PM 297.4 Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s) 50 m
2:57 PM 297.4 Bear RIGHT (West) onto Hwy-3 [Main St W] 2.0 km
2:59 PM 299.4 Turn LEFT (West) onto RR-17 1.5 km
3:01 PM 300.9 At RR-171, stay on RR-17 (West) 16.6 km
3:13 PM 317.5 Keep STRAIGHT onto RR-17 [Thorburn St] 0.8 km
3:15 PM 318.3 At Cayuga1, turn LEFT (West) onto Hwy-3 [Talbot Rd] 0.2 km
3:15 PM 318.5 Turn RIGHT (North) onto Hwy-54 [Munsee St N] 19.9 km
3:34 PM 338.4 At near Caledonia, stay on Hwy-54 (West) 20.9 km
3:50 PM 359.4 Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s) 0.3 km
3:50 PM 359.6 Bear RIGHT (North) onto CR-18 1.7 km
3:52 PM 361.3 Arrive near Brantford

Driving distance: 361.3 kilometers
Trip duration: 6 hours, 52 minutes
Driving time: 5 hours, 57 minutes
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Re: BMW with some Hondas

Thanks Gerhard and Garry: I am off to Mapsource and route planning. I may get a chance in the next week or two to take a longer ride.
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