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Wassted Dec 4th, 2011 3:28 am

Euro trip on a GS
Hi all, Iím new here. Iíve spent a little time reading through the site and have enjoyed reading a lot of the posts. Iím a GS rider right now but hoping to add a GT or GTL to that next year. Made the mistake of test riding the GTL and loved it. I took the dual sports path thinking that this would be the best way to go for riding in Eastern Europe. So far this has been a wrong assumption; Iíve not long completed a run through 14 countries. Some of which I thought would have terrible roads, wrong again! Donít get me wrong the GS is an amazing machine and probably one of the only bikes that would have stood up to some of the abuse I put it through on my last trip. But this abuse was unnecessary and mainly caused through my reliance on the BMW Nav IV which managed to find what looked like motocross tracks and goat trails. Another lesson learnedÖ
Never the less this was a great ride and one which I hope to do again but stopping in different places along the route. The route was from Newcastle in the UK to Amsterdam then across Germany into Poland, down through Poland to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Hooked back west through Macedonia & Albania. Then turned north up the Adriatic through Montenegro, Croatia into Bosnia then back through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany then the Netherlands to complete the circuit back to the ferry from Amsterdam. I didnít plan any of the trip and just kind of rode till I felt like stopping and then found a place to stay. Despite my worries when riding through some of the scariest looking places. I found everyone to be helpful and generally decent. Even the gangsters in Mostar who would not let me leave till I arm wrestle with them then insisted that I drink...
It was a great trip and going back to work after it has been very hard. You know how it is when youíve come to the end of a run and you just want to turn around and do it all again.
As I said I did this run on the GS and the GS was a good choice. It has a nice riding position, great fuel range, can be used off road depending on ability and tyres. Letís not forget can survive being dropped ;). Just now that Iíve rode the GTL I just canít help but think it could have been done on a luxury tour bike and that would have added to the enjoyment. BMW you are a set of [email protected], I should have kicked the salesman in the sack and told him I didnít want to ride the damn thing.

I would have put some pics of the ride up but have no idea how to attach them.



MattWhite Dec 29th, 2011 3:39 pm

Re: Euro trip on a GS
I traveled through Hungary about 10 years ago.
Though, not on a bike.

Sounds like a lovely trip.
Pics would be wonderful.

If you scroll down from where you type in your message
there is a "Manage Attachments" area.
Click on it and then follow the prompts to browse
and select pics from your computer to upload.
You can go back and edit your original post.


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